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How Much Does it Cost to Disinfect Your Home?

With the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, home hygiene has become more important than ever before. Thankfully, this might be more affordable than you would think.

Maintaining basic hygiene at your home is important at the best of times. But with the upsurge of COVID-19 cases all over the world, keeping your home free from viruses and bacteria is now absolutely critical. To cover this important topic, we will be looking at some affordable and common disinfectants which you can use to keep yourself and your family safe.

General Home Disinfectants

General home disinfectants play an important role in keeping you safe from germs. By following a daily sweeping and mopping routine, you will ensure that any infectious agents that are lying dormant on your floors, countertops and shelves are eliminated before they get absorbed into your body. This is even more important for families with kids. This is especially true for toddlers who try to put any new object into their mouth. By regularly disinfecting the various home surfaces, you will be protecting your family from serious infections.

Home Disinfectant Cost & Ingredients

To make sure you are getting an effective disinfectant, make sure the active ingredient (e.g. hydrogen peroxide, ) in the solution is recommended for use against COVID-19.

Disinfectants For Clothes

Your clothes can be another source of bacteria and viruses. This is especially true if you have used your sleeve to cover your mouth while coughing or sneezing, or if you have closely interacted with others. During normal days, a regular wash with a detergent is enough, as washing your clothes regularly and drying them in high heat typically rids them of harmful bacteria. But for a more thorough elimination of any microbes, it is better to just add a few teaspoonfuls of laundry disinfectants when you are rinsing the clothes. This will give an extra degree of protection from any pathogens that may be still present on your clothes after the wash.

Laundry Disinfectant Cost

Hand Sanitizers

One of the most frequent instructions from the World Health Organisation (WHO) is to wash our hands regularly with soap and water to protect ourselves against the novel coronavirus. However, this may not always be possible. For instance, if you are planning to briefly step outside the house, you may not have access to soap and water to periodically wash your hands. In such situations, it is good to carry an alcohol based hand sanitizer and regularly use it to sanitize your hands. This will help to ensure that even if you pick up any microbes, they will be killed before they are absorbed into your system.

Hand Sanitizer Cost

Keeping a Clean Bathroom

Everyone wants to keep a clean bathroom. But with the risk of COVID-19 infection, there is an added urgency to keeping all rooms in your home clean. Interestingly, this urgency is not just about COVID-19, either. When a person is affected with any kind of flu-like illness, it takes a major toll on his immunity. At times like these, he is vulnerable to other illnesses like stomach bugs, lung and throat infections or even skin conditions. Unclean bathrooms can spread these conditions in a family and before you know it, everyone in the family is down with say, a stomach bug. You can avoid this situation by following a periodic bathroom cleaning routine using any easily available bathroom disinfectant.

Bathroom Disinfectant Cost

Stay Home, Safe & Clean

Due to India's is until mid April, individuals must stay in their homes to ensure social distancing in order to reduce spread of COVID-19. To keep yourself safe during this time, it is necessary to minimize any travel outside your home. Thankfully, shopping for many essential items can be done online. To save money while shopping online for any of the household disinfectants, you can use credit cards which reward online spending. Hopefully this guide helps you conceptualise the costs of disinfecting your home. Staying home and keeping your surroundings clean are the best ways to avoid getting sick.