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3 Cost-effective Covid Dates in Delhi

We all want to be safe, but still receive feelings of a normal life. Here are some date ideas to help you remain sane.

Being stuck inside has not been easy this past year and as we begin to be vaccinated there is a sense of normalcy in the air. As of right now, things are still under lockdown and it might be good to be cautious, especially with your loved ones. For that reason, we have selected three date ideas that can help you blow your partner away while remaining safe.

Stay At Home Dinner

Cook With Your Partner

One of the classic date ideas to do is to have a stay at home dinner with your partner. A great way to do this is by cooking together. If the both of you have similar taste, this will be perfect. We would recommend looking up a few of your favorite recipes and picking one together on sites like or even Youtube. Depending on your skill level, you should aim to pick one that is a slightly more challenging. The more difficult the task the more you two will need to collaborate. Studies show that couples who cook together tend to have stronger relationships. Feel free to dress up and serve the food with your favorite china and silverware! To further budget, you can always apply for a credit card that earns high rewards or cashback on groceries.

Ordering Out

If you are not into cooking and would rather order food, that would be great too. To make it more interesting, you can always order from multiple restaurants. This is a perfect way to recreate a restaurant date night where you can set the table with a white tablecloth, fancy silverware, and dress the part! By doing this, you can satisfy the feeling that many people have of dining out at restaurants. There are many food applications to use in India, each with their own pros and cons.

Image that shows food delivery services

Additionally, there are very few fine dining restaurants that are offering delivery services; however, there are hospitality giants like Taj, Hyatt, and Park Hotels that have opened up their specialty restaurants for delivery. This could be a perfect opportunity to bring in fine dining for your special night in.

These food applications are great to use when you need to stay inside, all of the applications have gone out of their way to uphold the standards for Covid-19. This is a great budget date and to make it more budget friendly, look for credit cards that offer promotions or rewards on food delivery spending like Swiggy or FoodPanda!

No matter which one you choose, they are both fun dates that will help you and your partner stay safe during the pandemic on a budget.

Don't Be Afraid to Head Outside

As the weather continues to improve and the lockdown is reaching a year, the interest and need to be outside will be more prevalent than ever before. Fortunately, New Delhi has parks and activities for outdoor activities. Delhi has great parks for you and your partner to visit. You can go for a stroll around the Lodhi Gardens or have a picnic at the Jahanpanah City Forest. Notably, most of these parks close between 6 pm - 8 pm.

If you want to do something more adventurous and do something more exercise related, you can do the Delhi bike tours that are offered around the city stemming from the Old Delhi areas to Turkman Gate, averaging approximately Rs. 1,800. If you are looking for even more exploration, you can check out the Delhi to Agra long distance bicycle trip that lasts two days. The cost for the longer trip is about Rs. 51,000. The tour guides are committed to social distancing and other safety measures, such as wearing a mask and disinfecting the bikes.

These outdoor activities can make or break your date night and can even serve as an additional activity to the rest of your date!

Venture To A New Area of the City

New Delhi is a city that is crowded and filled with busy residents. For couples that are willing to spend a little bit more on something more extravagant, it may be nice for you and your partner to get out and get away from the hustle and bustle. Delhi has many places to stay near the centre and farther towards the outskirts of the city that can serve as a romantic getaway. This may not be as extravagant as an international trip you had planned prior to the lockdown, but it is definitely worth a shot.

Airbnb is a great place to look for some great spots. For instance, we found a spot in the city that has a lake view. You can also find some fancy hotels, just make sure that they are following Covid guidelines and safety protocol. If you are interested in leaving the busy city vibe, we think a farm house or getaway house will work perfectly. All of these are priced under Rs. 5,000 per night. We recommend taking a step back and planning a romantic getaway. You can plan this for a day or for a weekend, but it is much cheaper than travelling, but may satisfy your adventurous side.

This lockdown is here for a good reason and our health and safety should always be a top priority. That being said, we should always make time for our loved ones. The pandemic has made us more creative with our date ideas. Hopefully you and your partner can try one of these dates.

Sahmi Chowdhury

Sahmi is a finance graduate from Northeastern University. He has had experience in the financial services sector working at Brown Brothers Harriman in trade settlement and True Capital Management as an investment analyst prior to joining ValueChampion.