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4 Reasons Men Should Visit The Spa

If you have ever thought that spa visits are only meant for women, you might want to reconsider your views. Various studies have revealed that spa attendance could be extremely beneficial for men, too. Here are 4 reasons why men may want to visit spas frequently.

More often than not, advertisements for spa treatments are linked to women. Recently, men are increasingly joining this movement, and becoming an active user of the spa industry, too. If you are still skeptical, here are 4 reasons that you should go to the spa frequently.

Well-Groomed Men Tend To Be More Successful Professionally

The relation between one’s appearance and career trajectory has always been a talk of the town. A study revealed that physically attractive individuals tend to earn 20% more when compared to the ‘average-looking’ counterparts in the workplace.

Graph showing the Median Income by Grooming in India

According to the research, we can assume that you can boost your career by being well-groomed, irrespective of your physical features. When physical attractiveness was held constant, researchers found that well-groomed individuals earn more money in contrast to ones who are not. A great way to maintain yourself and to stay well groomed is to visit the spa. This allows you to get cleaned up by professionals. It can be especially helpful for those that are new to taking care of their overall look. Spas offer services to treat your nail, hair, and skin. You can also choose to go for aromatherapy facials and barber treatments. All these treatments will also help you in boosting your overall confidence.

Men Who Invest in Self-Care Attract ‘The One” More Often

According to a study conducted by Social Science Research, the three traits that play an important role when pursuing a relationship include personality, looks, and personal grooming. If you are lacking in two of the other qualities you can always try to make it up by enhancing your personal grooming skill set. Various similar studies from around the world have also found similar results. An IPSOS study conducted in India, revealed that women tend to prefer well-groomed men over a chivalrous one. Visiting spas often could help you tick the right boxes as far as attracting a partner is concerned. From getting facials to body scrubs – spa treatments could bring the best in you and amp up your dating game.

Spa Treatments Contribute to the Fitness of Men

If you live an active lifestyle and often play sports or hit the gym, chances are high that you have experienced muscle pain or soreness in the past. While you might choose to live with the muscle discomfort, it could turn pretty dangerous in the long run. This is when a deep tissue massage at spas could help you out. It not only eases up the accumulated tension in the muscle but also helps you in preventing muscle pain. It also boosts your body’s flexibility and enhances blood circulation. On the same lines, Thai massage helps in reducing mental stress, managing bodily pain, and improving body metabolism. Swedish massage relaxes you inside-out and improves energy levels. Balinese massage strokes the pressure point and relaxes your muscles. Further, specialized Ayurvedic massages provided by therapists in Kerala can also help you in treating a range of skin conditions.

Will You Be Breaking the Bank?

Although the spa industry in India is still in its nascent stage, it is growing rapidly due to the increasing wellness tourism, and improving living standards. More and more spas are sprouting across all major cities in India, offering a range of treatments. According to FICCI, India is the third fastest-growing spa market, behind America and Europe.

Graph showing the Cost of Different Spa's

In terms of affordability, India was the 2nd most affordable market globally in 2017. The exact cost of spa treatment in India depends on a range of factors – the city you seek the treatment in, the brand you choose to go for, and the treatment you have asked for. On average, a shoulder massage could cost Rs. 800, and a full-body massage could range anywhere within Rs. 3000 and 4,000.

Further, various initiatives by the Department of AYUSH under the skill development initiative scheme (SDIS) have led to the establishment of courses on wellness including the spa, yoga, and hairdressing. More spa centres will likely pop up in the country in the near future, which will provide spa services at an even affordable rate.

Additionally, to further grab the best deals, you can make use of credit cards that provide you with potential discounts on monthly recurring bills. You can also look for offers and coupons online. Also, subscribing to the yearly membership of spas will help you lower down the bill even further, thus making it easier for you to follow your spa regimen on the go.

Sahmi Chowdhury

Sahmi is a Junior Research Analyst specialising in credit cards and insurance in India. He previously worked in the financial services sector at Brown Brothers Harriman and True Capital Management.