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5 Practical Birthday Gifts for Children

Are you looking for a birthday gift for a child and want it to be something that will be both fun and useful? Look no further, this article offers gift suggestions for all kinds of kids, to help you make any child's birthday a great one.

One of the trickiest parts of attending a birthday party for a child is finding the right gift. Let's face it, feeding them a laddu is not always enough. As difficult as it may be, narrowing a child's interests down into separate categories can help you find a gift that can make them happy. Below are a few potential gift ideas based on a few popular hobbies.

For the Athlete

We all know children that are active and energetic. Some are already avid athletes, while others are just beginning to get into sport. Since cricket is the most popular sport in India, a cricket kit would be an awesome gift for the athletically inclined youngsters. For many children, this would be a practical gift to keep them active and help them improve their game.

Keep in mind that cricket kits tend to be expensive, though they are usually cheaper for children. In fact, children's kits can cost as little as Rs. 599.

Graph showing Average Cost of a Junior Cricket Batting Kit in India

If the child is interested in football or field hockey instead, you can also cater the gifts to fit those interests. You can purchase a football or a set of goal posts as easily as just ordering them online. The average cost of a football is approximately Rs. 400 and goal posts are approximately Rs. 1,300, on Amazon. Hockey will be more intricate, similar to cricket, there will be some form of gear involved and a hockey stick. Junior size hockey sticks typically range from Rs. 400 to Rs. 700. All three options would be great for an active child, depending on the child's interest.

For the Outdoor Type

If you are looking for a gift for a child who loves the outdoors, they have a good amount of physical energy too. Kids that like exploring the outdoors are more likely going to appreciate hiking gear or hiking boots. Purchasing a hiking backpack or shoes for a child who loves to hike will be extremely useful since these many kids tend to grow out of their gear fairly quickly, therefore are things that they would have to purchase anyway. For instance, hiking backpack would cost between a range of Rs. 400 to Rs. 1,500. This depends on the quality of the bag. Hiking footwear can also be costly and costs upwards of Rs. 5,000.

Gift ItemEstimated Average Cost
Hiking BackpackRs. 950
Hiking BootsRs. 5,000
Source: Amazon
By providing hiking equipment and gear as gifts for these outdoorsy kids, you will make any child's day and can also motivate children to go outside and do their favorite activities more frequently.

For the Movie Buff

For the children that dream of becoming Bollywood stars or are film fanatics, it would be a good idea to get them movie tickets or make it more personal by taking them and their friends to a new movie still in theaters.

Graph showing India’s Average Cost of Movie Tickets by Theater

As shown in the chart, deciding to watch a movie on a weekend can cost double the price of a weekday movie. Therefore, if you're on a tight budget, take them on a weekday. Going to the movies is a quick and simple way of making a kids birthday.

For the Artist

There are many creative children out there and to help foster their creativity it would be nice to provide them with art supplies. A paint set (a bundle of different colors) and separate paint brush set each cost approximately Rs. 400, while a pencil set for sketching is approximately Rs. 700 on average. A canvas set to paint on will typically cost about Rs. 500 and sketch books cost approximately Rs. 300 on average. These gifts would be accepted with open arms by both the child and their parents.

Gift ItemEstimated Average Cost
Paint SetRs. 400
Paint BrushRs. 400
Sketching PencilsRs. 700
Canvas SetRs. 500
Sketch BooksRs. 300
Source: Amazon

For the Gamer

The gaming community is huge, in fact there are over 250 million gamers in India alone and many are young people. Therefore, it is likely that you'll eventually be buying a gift for an avid gamer. While some parents roll their eyes at the idea of a gaming-related gift as a practical one, you can make both parents and children happy by purchasing headphones. This is a practical gift as headphones can be used for multiple activities. For example, headphones are useful for listening to music, watching movies, studying and travelling, in addition to gaming. There are many headphones with mic options on the market at many different price points. We found that the best way to narrow the options down is to look at wired vs wireless headphones. Headphones with wires would cost you around Rs. 750 on average, but can go for as much as Rs. 1,200. Wireless bluetooth headphones are a little bit more expensive at approximately Rs. 1,000, but can easily cost as much as Rs. 2,500. A pair of headphones will be very useful to a gaming child and are a practical gift that is applicable to many different activities.

The Choice is Yours

Through this article we are offering suggestions; however, when it comes to the gift you select for a child the choice is yours. Regardless of the gift you pick , through the use of the right credit card, you can earn airline miles for your next trip or cashback of up to 3% to 4% on gift purchases. There are other ways to save and benefit with the right credit card. For example, some cards offer exclusive discounts at specific retailers. For example, some cards offer as much as 2.50% off at Amazon, Flipkart or Myntra. Every child is different and gifts are accepted and appreciated differently. Always try to gather all the information you possibly can before purchasing a gift to help you make the best choice.

Sahmi Chowdhury

Sahmi is a Junior Research Analyst specialising in credit cards and insurance in India. He previously worked in the financial services sector at Brown Brothers Harriman and True Capital Management.