The Average Cost of a Cricket Kit in India 2020

Cricket is watched and played by individuals across India and is currently the most popular sport in the nation, and one of the most popular worldwide. To help cricket enthusiasts, this guide will help break down the expense of full kits and their individual products.

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Average Cost of a Full Cricket Kit

Cricket equipment can be purchased in multiple forms, whether as full kits or item by item (e.g. helmet, bat, etc.). If you are just starting out, we would recommend going for the full kit, as a way to be best prepared for the game. A full kit typically includes the following items: a cricket bat, leg guards, batting gloves, a kit bag, thigh guards and an abdomen guard. Some kits may include arm guards as well. The cost of a full kit varies from as little as Rs. 3,200 to as much as Rs. 8,400, with an average cost of approximately Rs. 5,622. The most prominent brands featured in our research research include: SG (Sanspareils Greenlands), GM (Gunn & Moore), CW(Cricket World) and Klapp. The full kit option is perfect for beginners or those looking to replace their kit completely.

Graph showing Average Cost of a Full Cricket Kit in India

Average Cost of a Full Cricket Kit Without a Bat

If you are already equipped with a cricket bat then there it would be in your best interest to purchase a kit without it, especially seeing as though this is usually the most expensive part of the kit. This is also a good option for those who have another bat in mind, other than one offered as part of a kit. Unfortunately, there are fewer kit options that are offered without a bat. The average price for a cricket kit without a bat is Rs. 4,906, though prices range from Rs. 1,730 to Rs. 9,068.

Graph showing Average Cost of a Full Cricket Kit in India

Average Cost of a Full Cricket Kit Without a Helmet

If you are looking to purchase a kit and already have a helmet or are interested in purchasing a specific helmet that is not offered as part of any full kits, we have researched potential kits that would interest you. Helmets are fairly expensive, which reduces the overall cost when compared to the full kit. The average cost of a cricket kit without a helmet is approximately Rs. 4,481. These kits typically range from about Rs. 3,783 to Rs. 5,079. Brands that offer these types of kits include SG, DSC and CW.

Average Cost of Individual Products in the Full Kit

For many consumers who have experience playing cricket, full cricket kits or any cricket kit would not be useful as they already have cricket equipment. They would be more interested in particular items and equipment that may have been damaged or needs to be replaced. To accommodate these consumers we did research on multiple individual pieces of equipment—cricket bats, cricket kit bag, and all types of guards and gloves.

EquipmentAverage PriceMedian Price
Cricket BatRs. 1,549Rs. 1,425
Cricket Kit BagRs. 1,233Rs. 1,224
Guards and GlovesRs. 559Rs. 549
Featured brands include Lyncan, Elevar Gully, SG, Spartan, DSC, Stag, New Balance, Tauro, Protoner, HeadTurners, Thrax, Wolfer, Adidas, SS, Ceela Sports, Wombat, JetFire, Ibex

A Deeper Dive Into Cricket Bats

Cricket bats are the most sought out cricket equipment and by far the most intricate part of the kit. This is because they can vary so much. In the table above, we analysed prices for bats that are featured on Amazon, exclusively. However, bats sell for as much as Rs. 32,000 on other sites. Some of the major premium bat brands include SG, SS (Sareen Sports), Wolfer, Kookaburra, Elevar and RNS Larsons.

An Option for Junior Players

Cricket is also popular among children. An option that we have researched for junior players is the batting kits with wickets. The kit includes a bat and a set of wickets with a ball—often times includes gloves. The kit's price can range from Rs. 599 to Rs. 899 and has an average price of Rs. 740.

Graph showing Average Cost of a Junior Cricket Batting Kit in India

How to Save on Cricket Kits

Cricket kits may be out of budget for some people, but this should not keep anyone away from playing the sport. We brainstormed and found ways that can help you save money when purchasing a cricket kit.

Discount Options

While this article focuses on the average prices of various equipment, it is possible to find cheaper alternatives. For example, brands like Klapp or Combat, offer similar models at lower price levels. For instance, some brands offer prices for cricket kits that are half the price of the market average. Do not let the average turn you away from purchasing the products mentioned in this article, there are cheaper alternatives to all the average prices for products mentioned.

Optimised Credit Card Usage

One simple way consumers can save money is through proper credit card usage. For the research presented in this article, we have used prices and products found on Amazon. Therefore, using a credit card that offers high rewards or cashback in the online shopping category would be wise. In fact, some cards offer elevated rewards and discounts on purchases on Amazon. If you prefer shopping in-person, there are cards that offer elevated rewards for these purchases as well. There are many credit card options available that can help you save on all your cricket kit purchases.

Online Deals & Promotions

Another method of saving money on your purchases are through deals and promotions that are offered by some retailers. For instance, Flipkart and Amazon both offer great deals on many of their products, including the cricket kits. It would also be good to look out for clearance sales at stores or online. Finally, you can always go to discount sites such as, Discount Cricket Outlet to try and find a suitable deal.

Methodology & Limitations

To successfully gather the data, we identified the different types of cricket kit packages available and the type of equipment in each kit. Once we categorised the kits, we gathered pricing data from Amazon for each category. To ensure that we have a diverse sample, we used at least 3 different companies per kit or product category.

Next, we looked into the distinct items included in each kit. We then, broke down the equipment categories and performed the same data collection procedure to accurately help those who are also interested in purchasing products individually.

Needless to say, there are also limitations to our study. First, we sampled approximately 8 products per product category. If we sampled more price points, it is possible that we would end up with slightly more accurate figures. However, we also believe that this dataset gives us a healthy sample for cricket products. In terms of cricket bats, we did not go to the extent of trying to compare the most expensive and premium bats, as they were not offered on Amazon. Despite these limitations, this article will help any consumer interested in purchasing a full or partial cricket kit, by offering a ballpark figure for what the equipment and kits cost.

Sahmi Chowdhury

Sahmi is a Junior Research Analyst specialising in credit cards and insurance in India. He previously worked in the financial services sector at Brown Brothers Harriman and True Capital Management.