Average Cost of Movie Tickets in India 2021

India is known for its rich culture, and Indian films are clear examples of this. Bollywood is one of the largest film industries in the world, with viewers all over the globe. The movie theaters in India showcase both Bollywood and Hollywood, representing the interest that the Indian population has in both film industries. With that in mind, we were interested to see how much it costs to go to a movie theater in India.

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The Average Cost of Movie Tickets in India

The cost of watching a film at a cinema based on a number of factors. For example, the location, time of day booked, day of the week booked and theatre impact the cost of admission. Our research suggests that the average cost of watching a movie at a theater is approximately Rs. 108 on weekdays and Rs. 199 on weekends.

Average Cinema Ticket in India

The cost of watching a film at a cinema based on a number of factors. For example, the location, time of day booked, day of the week booked and theatre impact the cost of admission. Our research suggests that the average cost of watching a movie at a theater is approximately Rs. 108 on weekdays and Rs. 199 on weekends.

DayAverage Movie Ticket Price
WeekdayRs. 108
WeekendRs. 199

These figures suggest that it is approximately 84% more expensive to go to the movies on the weekends. Therefore, if the goal for you is to save money, it may be best to make time during the week to go watch a film.

The Average Cost of Movies in India by City

The cost of going to the movie theater also varies greatly based on the location of the cinema. For example, by gathering and analysing data from theaters in Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai, we found that there is a somewhat significant difference in price per ticket between India's major cities.

Graph showing India’s Average Cost of Cinema Tickets by City

Moviegoers in New Delhi are paying the highest price on average per movie ticket: Rs. 146 on weekdays and Rs. 339 on weekends. Our research indicates that the average price in Mumbai for cinema tickets is Rs. 109 on weekdays and Rs. 211 for weekend ticket bookings. In Kolkata, the average price is Rs. 115 on weekdays and Rs. 185 on weekends. However, looking at the cheapest location in our review—Chennai— pricing is quite similar on weekends and weekdays, which indicates that consumers can potentially go on any day spend the same low price.

How to Save on Going to The Movies

Going to the movies can be expensive; but, there are many ways to watch films without feeling like you are breaking the bank. Below we have listed a couple of options for you to have at your disposal to enjoy your movie outings on a budget.

Find the Cheapest Theater Near You

A great way to ensure you could budget your cinema adventure is by locating the theater that will charge you less for movie tickets. Through the research we have conducted, we have been able to filter out the cheapest big name theaters across the country. Our analysis found that the cheapest nationwide movie theater is PVR, which charges an average weekday price of approximately Rs. 89 and weekend price of about Rs. 196. Though this is the cheapest theater option with locations across all major cities, Atindra Cinema and AGS Cinemas are even cheaper, though they are only found in Kolkata and Chennai, respectively. According to our research, Atindra Cinema has an average ticket price of Rs. 60, while AGS Cinemas has an average price of Rs. 62 on weekdays and Rs. 60 on weekends.

Graph showing India’s Average Cost of Movie Tickets by Theater

Time Your Movie Dates Wisely

Another way of making sure that you are not exceeding your budget, is to be weary of when you go to the cinema. The average price for movie tickets in India on weekdays is Rs. 108, whereas the average movie ticket price on weekends is Rs. 199, a 84% price hike. To avoid paying this premium, it would be best to plan a weekday movie trip instead. Many theaters have weekday deals as well, which is something to keep an eye out for. Additionally, many cinemas offer cheaper movie tickets to matinees, which are movies scheduled for late mornings and early afternoons.

Making More Savvy Decisions

Additionally, many moviegoers forget to consider ways that they can reduce their movie expenses.. There are many different ways to approach this. First, it is worth considering applying for a credit that earns competitive rewards based on your spending. For example, some credit cards offer elevated rates for movie and entertainment spending, and others even offer perks such as free movie tickets or discounts on food and beverages at theaters. Savvy consumers should also be aware of other movie-related expenses that may increase the total cost of your visit.

For example, consumers can easily pay nearly as much for their food and snacks as they do for the ticket. According to the INOX Cinema's 2017 annual report, an average movie-goer spends approximately Rs. 66 during one visit on food and beverage products, while our calculated weekday average for INOX theaters is Rs. 121. Furthermore, this figure may be growing. For instance, PVR also reported that food and beverage sales revenue by 37.3% in 2018-2019. While there is nothing wrong with enjoying a night out at the cinema, it is good to be aware of the cost that you may incur, even after accounting for your ticket.

Methodology & Limitations

To look at the average cost of movies in India we collected pricing data from BookMyShow. We collected data for the ticket prices of 3 different films at 11 different cinemas within 4 major cities—Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai. We decided to compare weekday and weekend pricing to ensure that the figures encompass different options available to consumers. For weekday pricing we used Thursday prices, and for weekend pricing we selected Saturday tickets.

To find the average price points for Thursday and Saturday in India, we compared 4 major cities across India. This way, we could get a better sense of how prices vary across the country. To keep the data accurate and relatable, we tried to pick the movie times closest to 9:30 pm, and to keep the movies and movie theaters constant between both days within the same week, for each city. The 3 movies selected for Mumbai and New Delhi are Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan, Malang - Unleash The Madness and Bheeshma. Additionally, Bheeshma had no time for the Saturday that we were using, so we chose Friday, keeping it consistent with weekend pricing and remaining within the same week. Bheeshma was not showing at as many cinema halls in Kolkata, so we switched it with Bhoot - Part One: The Haunted Ship. Finally, for Chennai, we noticed that Malang - Unleash the Madness was not showing in many theaters, so we switched it with Oh My Kadavule. If we were unable to match the same cinema picked on Thursday with our Saturday selection, we just picked a different movie location under the same cinema company. Once we gathered all the data, we calculated the average for each city and used those figures to calculate the average out for all of India.

Of course, there are some limitations to our study. First, our data collection was somewhat limited (we only compared 4 cities, 11 theatres, and 2 dates), which means that the prices consumers face might vary slightly. Additionally, pricing may change over time, which again suggests that consumers may find that they pay slightly more or less in the future. However, despite these limitations, our research serves to give customers an understanding of how much they should expect to pay for various cinema tickets in India.

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