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How to Hack into the Cricket World Cup Final

The Cricket World Cup only comes around once every 4 years. If attending the championship of this premier sporting event is on your bucket list, how do you make it happen?

The 2019 Cricket World Cup is underway, and India is poised to make a run to the finals with the second best odds after England. A diehard fan's ultimate dream would be to see his team play for the championship, but attending the finals no matter which teams make it would surely be thrilling. We did the research to help fans understand what it would take to make it to the main event at Lord's Cricket Ground in London.

Tickets Are Sold Out – How Can You Get One?

At the time of this writing, finals tickets are sold out on the official ICC website (however, other games are still available). It could be a risky move, but one's best bet is to try third-party resale sites.

Third-Party Resale Websites: Proceed With Caution

Of the two main third-party resale sites, Viagogo generally has better prices and inventory than Stubhub right now. Although the ICC has warned fans not to buy tickets from anywhere other than its official site, Viagogo and Stubhub are standing their ground. The truth is many event organisers attempt to control resale, but secondary market buyers often successfully enter such events. If you're willing to go down this route, know that it isn't completely without risk.

Cricket World Cup Finals Resale Ticket Prices

This table shows finals ticket prices on Viagogo and Stubhub.

Fan opinions seem to vary on which is the best section at Lord's, but one can view the official ground map to help make one's own decision. Pricing and availability could change quickly, so a buyer would be wise to compare the two sites before making a potential purchase.

Could You Scalp Tickets in Person?

It seems that at every sporting event, including championships, fans will see people selling tickets outside the venue. Many sellers are legitimate, and adventurous buyers can sometimes get an excellent deal. However, many scalpers are just scam artists, and this approach can simply lead to having one's money stolen. While Stubhub and Viagogo each have a guarantee for valid tickets, fans are completely on their own when buying on the street. We do not recommend this approach for those serious about getting into Lord's.

Ways to Save Big on Hotels

Paying for a hotel is one of the biggest costs of any vacation. A couple of different ways to save a lot of money on this expense is to avoid London city center or check deal sites like Groupon.

Avoid City Center

Many people choose to stay in the most central locations for convenience when travelling, but one can often save a lot of money choosing to stay farther out. For the weekend of the finals, 3-star hotels beyond London City Center can be found at a 64% lower price on average, while 4-star and 5-star hotels can be found at 67% and 40% lower prices, respectively. Public transportation in London (the Tube) is relatively good, and these savings are great for fans who don't mind spending the extra time in transit.

Select Hotel Prices for Finals Weekend

This table shows select hotel prices for finals weekend.

Check Deal Sites Like Groupon

Deal sites like Groupon can be full of excellent savings opportunities. Two of our favourites right now for the finals weekend (of several) include 41% off a 4-star hotel 5 km from City Center and 43% off a 5-star hotel 7 km from City Center. Groupon deals come and go, so it's always advisable to book a good one right away.

Select Groupon Deals for Finals Weekend

This table shows select groupon deals for finals weekend.

How Can You Save on Airfare?

It can be tough to find substantial savings on flight costs, especially if the travel date is not far off or one needs to fly on specific days. However, we have a few tips fans can employ.

Depending on Your Departure City, Be Flexible With Travel Days

Although it's a long journey, one might think to fly in and out the days before and after the finals (Sunday, 14 July) to save money on accommodations. However, if one flies from Delhi, he could save around Rs. 13,000 choosing to arrive Thursday or Friday. Yes, one would have to pay for a hotel for another night or two, but one could at least break even choosing a cheaper option from above. Mainly, it could allow for more sightseeing!

Roundtrip, Nonstop Flights from Delhi (DEL)

This table shows select flights for finals weekend.

We checked some other major cities, and current flight prices do not vary as much based on travel days. However, prices can change very quickly, so it's still worth double checking available options from one's departure city before booking. Make sure to always search in incognito mode, because airlines can use cookies to increase flight prices for customers searching multiple times.

Pay With Airline Miles

For Air India credit card holders or Flying Returns members lucky enough to have accumulated 90,000 points, a roundtrip flight to London would be free from 6 different cities. While Jet Airways has ceased flight operations due to financial trouble, JPMiles are still redeemable on certain partner airlines. However, know that a roundtrip flight for the finals would cost a whopping 212,500 JPMiles, and it seems flights are only available from Mumbai and Delhi.

Roundtrip Miles Required to London

This table shows cost of flights in miles for finals weekend.

Check for Mistake Fares

Lastly, one can sometimes find "mistake fares" on, but there was nothing available to London when we checked. Mistake fares can pop up at a moment's notice, so it's always worth a quick check before you book just in case you find a steal.

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