Bharti AXA Bike Insurance Review: Insurance for Powerful Bikes

Bharti AXA Bike Insurance Review: Insurance for Powerful Bikes

Bharti AXA offers cheap premiums for their insurance policies for bikes with high cylinder capacities, but the lack of add-ons may make the policy ill suited for those seeking extensive coverage options.

Good for

  • Bike riders with powerful bikes (200cc+)
  • Individuals who prioritise cheaper rates

Bad for

  • Those who are interested in extra benefits
  • Those looking for a plan that includes accident coverage

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Bharti AXA's two-wheeler insurance offers competitive premiums for riders who have powerful bikes. While riders of most motorcycles will pay below average premiums with Bharti AXA, riders who own bikes that have cylinder capacities greater than 200cc will see premiums that are up to 66% cheaper than market average. However, Bharti AXA's motorcycle plans don't offer a wide array of add-ons that can provide additional benefits to the rider. Therefore, it may not be the optimal choice for those looking for high levels of coverage.

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Summary of Bharti AXA Motorcycle Insurance
Comprehensive plan is 43% - 66% cheaper than the average Comprehensive plan offered in India
The two-wheeler plan is cheapest for those with bikes with cylinder capacities of over 200cc
The Insurer is particularly cheaper in Bangalore, Karnataka where the premium for the Comprehensive plan is 66% cheaper than the average insurer in Bangalore.
Bharti AXA Incurred Claim Ratio: 94.06%

Bharti Two-Wheeler Comprehensive Annual Plan Highlights

Bharti AXA's Comprehensive two-wheeler policy provides complete coverage for bike riders for premiums that average 43%-66% cheaper than the average comprehensive plan. This makes it very attractive for riders on a budget who are looking for comprehensive coverage. In terms of price, our research indicated that the cheapest plans are found with bikes that have higher cylinder capacities (200cc and 300cc). For instance, the Royal Enfield Classic 350 is charged with a premium 66% cheaper than the average insurer in India.

The Comprehensive plan’s coverage also protects the rider and the bike from theft, natural and man-made disasters, third party liability and third party damage. You can also choose to get personal accident coverage for an additional fee if you do not currently have a plan in place. However, compared to other plans, Bharti AXA doesn't offer much in terms of additional optional coverage. Besides Personal Accident coverage, there is only the option to add in depreciation cover, which helps you receive the full claim amount after an accident without taking into consideration any depreciation. Due to the limited number of add-ons offered, this plan is best for those who prioritise cost over benefits.

Graph showing Average Premiums of Two-Wheeler Insurance

Bharti AXA Third Party Plan Highlights

Bharti AXA has a Third Party plan that offers baseline benefits that are required by the Insurance Regulatory & Development Authority of India (IRDAI). If you are registering a new bike, then you have to keep this plan in place for 5 years. This plan provides the minimum legally mandatory coverage of third party liability coverage that is required by the Motor Vehicles Act. This plan is beneficial for those with an older bike who are only looking to protect their motorcycles from the liabilities and damages done to other's vehicles in a road accident. Specifically, it provides coverage for a variety of third-party risks like:

  • Death or bodily injury to the third party (unlimited liability)
  • Damages caused to the property or vehicle (minimum Rs. 6,000 and max Rs. 750,000)

In terms of premiums, the base premium for this policy largely depends on the engine capacity. We found that the third party policy can be up to 74% cheaper than the average third party plan. We found that this plan is cheapest for bikes in the 100cc range. Although premiums for this plan are available, you cannot apply for this plan through the website. Due to this, we recommend that you call Bharti AXA and speak to their customer service. The table below shows the breakdown of premiums based on your bike type and engine capacity.

Regular Two-Wheelers

Engine CapacityThird Party Rate for Annual Renewal
Less than 75ccRs. 428
Above 75cc but less than 150ccRs. 752
More than 150cc but less than 350ccRs. 1,193
Over 350ccRs. 2,323

Electric Two-Wheelers

Engine CapacityThird Party Rate for Annual Renewal
Not exceeding 3 KWRs. 410
Exceeding 3 KW but not exceeding 7 KWRs. 639
Exceeding 7 KW but not exceeding 16 KWRs. 1,014
Exceeding 16 KWRs. 1,975

Bharti AXA Own Damage Plan

Own damage plans are to ensure that the insured rider's vehicle is covered from danger or harm and compensates them for expense to repair or replace parts of the vehicle damaged in an accident. If you are interested in an own damage plan and are not looking to get comprehensive insurance, we would recommend to pair this with the third party plan. This way, you will have coverage for yourself and the third party.

The Own Damage plan provides coverage for the following events:

  • Accidents
  • Man made damages
  • Theft
  • Natural calamity

Bharti AXA Motorcycle Insurance Add-Ons & Deductible Options

Bharti AXA offers two add-ons to its base policy for its Comprehensive, Third Party, and Own Damage plans: Depreciation Cover and Personal Accident coverage. Depreciation Cover ensures that your claim will not be reduced based on the depreciation (the loss of value) of your bike. The personal accident add-on is mandatory if you do not have a personal accident insurance policy already in place. Compared to other plans on the market, we found that Bharti's doesn't provide as wide an array of add-ons. Therefore, Bharti AXA's two-wheeler insurance may not be the best option for riders who like to customise their plan or maximise their coverage.

Depreciation CoverThis will allow you to secure the value of the bike parts as the vehicle and the vehicle parts age over time
Personal Accident CoverCovers the damage or loss incurred after an accident

There is a compulsory excess of Rs. 100 for every motorized two-wheeler claim. Bharti AXA also includes a voluntary deductible that allows the insured to pay a certain amount, while Bharti AXA covers the remainder. The more that the primary insured volunteers as payment, the higher the discount on the OD premium. This deductible is also a method for policyholders to discount the premium. The table below shows the voluntary deductibles and the corresponding discounts.

Voluntary DeductibleDiscount
Rs. 5005% on the OD premium of the vehicle, maximum of Rs 50
Rs. 75010% on the OD premium of the vehicle, maximum of Rs 75
Rs. 1,00015% on the OD premium of the vehicle, maximum of Rs 125
Rs.1,50020% on the OD premium of the vehicle, maximum of Rs 200
Rs.3,00025% on the OD premium of the vehicle, maximum of Rs 250


Bharti AXA has certain exclusions that allow the insurer to refuse to make claim payments. Some exclusions can range from legal issues like driving without a license to other examples like staged accidents. The full list of exclusions can be found below. It is crucial that you read the policy wording and stay aware of what you can and cannot make claims for.

General Policy Exclusions

  • Regular Wear and Tear
  • Drunk Driving
  • Driving Without Valid License
  • Other Reasons
  • Consequential damages
  • Mechanical failures
  • Contributory negligence
  • Staged accidents

Claims Information

The insured individual must contact the claims department within 24 hours of the accident. The insurer will ask to provide documents for the claim to be valid. Only after the documents are verified will the claim be valid. After this, the bike will be taken to the nearest network garage to be evaluated for the expenses and cost of the damages. It is important to note that the garage the bike is taken to must be a network garage for Bharti AXA.You can look more into the claims process on the website (address below), where a staff member can help you through the process.

Contact Information
Claims Assistance and Other Enquiries Toll-Free Number1800-103-2292
Claims Information and RegistryClaim webpage
Branch AddressMultiple locations

Features and Benefits

Insurers differentiate themselves by offering different features. Below, we have listed the benefits offered by Bharti AXA. If you'd like to compare Bharti AXA to other plans on the market, feel free to take a look at our comprehensive guide to the best bike insurance in India.

FeaturesComprehensiveThird PartyOwn Damage
Damage and Losses to Own Vehicle100%N/A100%
Personal Accident Coverage100%100%100%
Damage Related to Natural Disaster100%N/A100%
Damage Related to Fire100%N/A100%
Natural Disaster Cover100%N/A100%
Theft or Malicious Acts100%N/A100%
Third Party Liability100%100%N/A
Third Party Damage100%Up Rs 1 Lakh for 2-wheelerN/A
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